Dwarf TrollslayerEdit

Dwarfs are a proud race who do not cope well with failure such as a loss of wealth, stature, the inability to uphold a promise, or satisfy a grudge. If any of these things come to pass then there is only one path left for a Dwarf: he will shun his armour, dye his hair and coat it in grease, grab the ancestral axe and walk into the wilderness in search of death. But this cannot be any miserable death; they must seek it by fighting and killing monsters. The larger the creature they can slay, the more they can atone for past shame. Of course, a skilled warrior with such an outlook is bound to be a useful member in any group of adventurers.

Trollslayer Stats
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Movement 4 4
Weapon Skill 4 4
Ballistics Skill 3 3
Strength 4 5
Toughness 4 4
Melee Attacks (base) 1 2
Ranged Attacks 0 0
Pinning 1 1
Wounds (varies) 11 19

Slaying (Passive): When a Trollslayer critically hits a monster, he cleaves through the Monster's defences with ease. For that blow, the Trollslayer causes an additional 4-6 damage depending on his battle level.Edit

Deathsong (Passive): The Trollslayer is able to ignore the fact that he has been mortally wounded! Rather than falling down unconscious, he remains standing and can continue to fight with 1 wound remaining. Whilst Deathsong is active, there is a chance that each further blow is ignored. This continues until the Trollslayer is knocked down or healed.Edit